Kevin Gyllenberg - Independent Software Consultant
HaNachshonim 17/8, 4074514 Ariel, Israel Tel: (972) 3-9366127
Software Engineer with over 30 years experience in Software Development and Project Management.

Since 1989 I have managed different projects for many customers including:

  1. ECI Telecom

  2. Development and maintenance of subscriber loop telephone multiplexing systems.
  3. O. Peled Systems - Ariel

  4. A manufacturer of electro-magnetic scoreboards.
    I developed products based on Intel microprocessors.
    I wrote embedded software in Assembler and PL/M and management software in C++,
    I designed the PCB boards using Orcad and developed the PAL and GAL programmed logic.
  5. Sintec (Formula Group)

  6. I developed a PC based interface card and assembler language drivers for
    Heavy-Duty mainframe printers for checkbooks.
  7. Techno-Ralco Sharp

  8. Using reverse engineering of the software and rewiring the PCB of the LCD Panel
    I changed all the large models of Sharp's copy machines to display instructions in hebrew.
  9. Various Importers (including CLAL Systems, DEC, SHARP, BULL-HONEYWELL, IIS, EPSON, SEIKOSHA, LOTUS, and Q-TEXT)

  10. In order to make products (CRT displays, Dot-Matrix and Laser printers) compatible to the local market, the embedded software was reverse-engineered to print or display hebrew letters.

Graduated ILLINOIS STATE UNIVERSITY after six years of study with a double major in Business Administration and Accounting.
Recent training includes the following coarses:
Linear Algebra, Integral and Differential Calculus - College of Judea and Samaria
Electrical Engineering for the non-electrical engineer - Miclelet Hi-Tec
Software Project Management - Miclelet Hi-Tec
Software Testing - John Brice Training
Object Oriented C++ - Sela
Introduction to Telephonia, FRAME RELAY, ISDN - Logtel
TCP/IP - Technion
VXWORKS - WindRiver